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Pre-Wedding Scheduling


We are a by appointment only studio located in Bellmore, NY, that provides a more private and relaxed experience. Our goal is to have you leaving feeling confident, sexy, and excited about your big day. Trials are scheduled during the week.


* Set up trial at least 6/4 months before wedding- The trial will consist of a consultation on the 

   colors for the day, different suggestions on the makeup and hairstyle and how the dress works with your look.

* Please bring all predetermined hair accessories with you that day.

* You can bring pictures. It’s helpful.

* Decide whether your hair piece or veil is coming off or staying on all day.

* Try to wear a similar neckline as your wedding dress.

* Hair needs to be clean and dry. no product unless specified. No flat irons, gels, or oils.

* You may want to get you hair done for the rehearsal dinner.

* Let your stylist know if any others are getting their hair/makeup done so we can

   determine the time you need to be walking out the door.

* Hair trimming,  hair coloring should be done 2 weeks prior.

* Hair removal is recommended one week prior to prevent bumps that could be difficult 

   to cover- Take care of your eye brows regularly and do not over pluck!

* Do not forget to stay hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This will 

   help stay hydrated and give your skin the refreshed look in a natural way.

* Recommend to purchase lipstick and mascara for sanitary purposes.


           I am honored to be part of your special occasion!